Doraemon Movie – Kelahiran Jepun [MalayDUB]


Doraemon Movie – Kelahiran Jepun [Malay Dub]

The movie starts with a boy who belongs to prehistoric time hunting a fish, gets captured in to time vortex and reaches to the 20th century. In the 20th century, Nobita wants to run away from his home, as depicted many times in various episodes. As a result of failing to find an ideal home, Nobita decides to make a makeshift place to live. However, he still cannot find a place to live due to land property ownership laws. At the same time,Shizuka, Gian, Suneo and Doraemon want to run away from their homes. Then Nobita suggests that they should go back in time to live in a place with very few humans. The group agrees with him and thus, they return to the past Japan, which is 70000 years back from then.

When they reach Japan, Doraemon assigns everyone a ministry. Shizuka is given the ministry of gardening, Gian gets ministry of development, Suneo receives the ministry of landscape and Nobita receives ministry of animals. Doraemon looks after all the ministries. Nobita, who is given the ministry, mixes the genes of different animal and creates Pegasus, Dragon and Griffin. When Doraemon comes, he hides them from him.

At night, the group eats the supper and decides to return home and visit here another day. On the next day, the boy from the start of movie secretly moves into the Nobita’s room and hides behind the door. When Gian and Suneo come, Gian fights with him and due to weakness the boy faints. On the arrival of Nobita, Shizuka and Doraemon, the group again moves to past. They take the boy into the cave and when he regains consciousness, Shizuka gives him food. Doraemon use a translation tool in order to understand him. He tells them that he belong to the light tribe and they got attacked by dark tribe which took all of his people. So Nobita and Doraemon decide to help him.More…



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