Doraemon Movie – Nobita and the Wind Wizard [Malay Dub]

Download Doraemon Movie – Nobita and the Wind Wizard [Malay Dub]

doremon wind wizard


When a mysterious tomb in a faraway land is opened, two strange spheres and the spirit of an ancient wizard are set free. The ancient wizard goes and takes the body of wolf. One of the spheres ends up in Nobita’s neighborhood. Next one goes and ends up in wind village. As first one breaks open, an odd cyclone creature is set free. Firstly Suneo had got it and he tried to catch it and make hhis pet but he was unsuccessful. Mean while Nobita was eating ice cream to his way back home but unfortunately that odd cyclone snatched it. Nobita followed it and then the cyclone threw the ice cream at the head of Gian. Due to this he becomes angry and he tries to beat Nobita but he end up with a crash in a trash box. then the cyclone follows Nobita and goes inside home. It creates disaster in his home and also troubles Nobita’s mom. Then he liked it so much that he wanted to keep it. While trying to take care of it, Nobita tried to hide it with his mom. So he made its appearance like doll. Then he takes it to Shizuka to show her. But the cyclone runs away. Then at last Nobita found it. Then he gives a name Fuuko to it. As there was no space in the Nobita’s neighbourhood, he and his friends with doraemon goes somewhere at anywhere door but they are accidentally taken to a location hidden from the rest of the world: the Wind Village. There they discover diffent types of creatures and also meets some incredible people. They enjoy there very much and in evening they return from anywhertre door. They left Fuuko at Wind Village. Seeing the anywhere door,the ancient wizard also comes through it. Then it takes the body of Suneo. Meanwhile one of thed villager from wind village discovers next sphere. But it flies away and goes to wizard. Next day Doraemon and his friends again visits Wind Village. They meet Storm Villagers and also the wizard in the appearance of suneo. They get surprised. Then they attak them and in this process they capture Fuuko and also steal Doraemon’s pocket. They trap Fuuko in a prison and they have enjoyment. Meanwhile Doraemon and his friends go to prison and free Fuuko. But again they become unsuccessful. Then storm villagers go to an island and tries to awake ancient monster. In this process Fuuko gets unconscious and doraemon gets back his pocket. There caused massive typhoons throughout the land. Doraemon and the others then join forces with the Wind Village to prevent the worst from happening. At this process, Fuuko loses his power and goes somewhere far. One of the person of storm village was most wanted criminal of twenty-second century. So he was captured by time patrol and Doraemon and his friends returned home.


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