Doraemon Movie – Nobita And The Winged Braves [malay dub]


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After watching a televised showing about supposedly humanoid birds spotted in Africa, Nobita dreams of being able to fly with wings. He builds wooden wings after Doraemon refuses to help him, though he repeatedly fails to fly using them. While helping Shizuka to capture her pet canary, they witness a portal opens in the sky and a humanoid bird riding an airplane coming out. He introduces himself as Gusuke, a humanoid bird who lives in “Birdpia”. Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka help Gusuke fix his airplane, where Nobita becomes fast friend with him. As Gusuke departs to his home, Gian and Suneo catch him and grab his plane. The other three follow them through the portal.

Arriving at Birdpia, Gian and Suneo are captured by raven soldiers and brought to Commander Seagrid, who plans execution for them. Meanwhile, Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka find Gusuke near Professor Hou’s house. Hou explains that Birdpia is a world existed far away from human world and is connected only during bird migration, which are guarded by Bird Migration Patrolling Troops. Seagrid was once a member of the troops, but he was shot by humans and retired shortly, seeking vengeance at them. After Hou advises them to take cover as not many liked humans in Birdpia, Doraemon brings “Bird Hat” which can sprout wings by wearing them. The three and Gusuke manage to stage a rescue of Gian and Suneo shortly thereafter. Gusuke informs Nobita and his friends that there will be an annual competition, “Rally Icarus”, which is used to recruit members of the Patrolling Troops, and that they should join it. During a dinner with Gusuke’s parents and his friend, Milk, Gusuke confesses that he is actually adopted and that he is unable to fly naturally due to the trauma of falling he got before being founded. Meanwhile, Hou translates an ancient Birdpia tablet which contains information about Fenikia, an ancient being who can bring destruction to the world. A Seagrid underling reports to Seagrid after overhearing it, after which Seagrid kidnaps Hou for the location of Fenikia so he will be able to use it to destroy humanity.More…



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