[Malay Sub] Fairy Tail Episode 94

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Lucy Heartfilia is a 17-year-old celestial wizard who runs away from home to join Fairy Tail, a rambunctious wizards’ guild whose members are famous for their overly destructive antics. She is invited into the guild by Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer wizard from Fairy Tail with the abilities of a dragon, who travels the land of Fiore with his partnerHappy, a blue flying cat, in search of his foster parent, a dragon named Igneel who had disappeared seven years earlier. Lucy forms a team with Natsu and Happy, and are later joined by ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and armored female wizard Erza Scarlet. The five take on various missions together, including the subjugation of illegal “dark” guilds and demons created by the ancient dark wizard Zeref.

While battling the Phantom Lord guild, Natsu uncovers clues behind Igneel’s disappearance from Gajeel Redfox, a rival Dragon Slayer from Phantom Lord who was raised by the dragon Metalicana. Fairy Tail guild later crosses paths with Jellal Fernandez, Erza’s childhood friend who is manipulated by Ultear Milkovich to revive Zeref using the Tower of Heaven. Natsu defeats Jellal and the Tower of Heaven is destroyed. Afterward, Gajeel joins Fairy Tail with his guildmate Juvia Lockser, a water wizard. Laxus Dreyar, the renegade grandson of the guild’s master Makarov Dreyar, then attempts to take over Fairy Tail by setting up a battle royal, but is ultimately defeated and expelled.

Forming an alliance with the wizard guilds Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Cait Shelter, Fairy Tail fights the dark guildOración Seis, who have revived Jellal. Wendy Marvell, a Dragon Slayer raised by Grandine and the sole member of Cait Shelter, joins Fairy Tail along with her flying cat Carla. Lucy, Natsu, and the others enter the alternate universe of Edolas when their guild vanishes due to Edolas’ powers. The group encounters Faust, the king of Edolas who intends to bestow a limitless supply of magic for his universe by harnessing the magic and the people of Magnolia. Happy and Carla also discover their heritage as Exceeds sent to Earth-land as infants on the orders of their queen Chagotte. Allying with the Exceeds and Faust’s son Mystogan, Fairy Tail defeats Faust and restores their guild at the cost of Edolas’ magical power being drained. The group returns to Earth-land with the Exceeds, one of whom,Panther Lily, forms a partnership with Gajeel.More…

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