1. I don’t know how to download movie from this website, please help me!

You can read the download tutorial here: Click here

Why Not Place Your Video At Youtube ? It’s easy to use and more comfortable .

-It’s easy for us to collect .We also not just collect video from youtube but other video sharing site too like Dailymotion, GoogleVideo, mp4upload, yourupload, vimeo, mediafire, 4shared, facebook, and more.

Can i Download Full Movie Without Joining Part ?

– No, or up to us to put in any way.

There will be Direct Download Or Torrent Downloading ?

– Only for a few link that we provide for you to download, and some of them not provide,except our work project video.

Why I can’t play some video

-Maybe because video has been rejected or account has been suspended. Or you need to refresh the page.

Why always buffer/slow loading ?

– It is up to your speed internet or server from the video. Please refresh page if the video not played.

I have problem downloading/watching your video.

-None of video content of this site is hosted on our servers. All this video content is upload and hosted by third-parties, so called Video Sharing Website. We can’t help you to solve this problem unless that problem coming from our player itself.

-In this case, please use firefox if you still can’t play the video especially when the video is hosted by facebook. If not, report to us.

Can I share my video collection?

-Sure,  we’re only accept Malay Version /subtitle, please upload your video at third parties video sharing website such as Dailymotion, GoogleVideo, mp4upload, yourupload, vimeo, mediafire, 4shared, facebook, and more..  Then click “Add Video” and copy paste the link there….


Can I upload my video at http://animemalay.net

– Sorry but we’re not a video sharing site.

May i request this *** Anime?

-Sorry, but we’re not accepting any request. It is our rules.

 Why I can’t download? Link dead?

  • Normally the host keep files alive 30 days after last download. Therefore, for those old movies if dead link, please find a different host to download. If all links are dead, please comment below the film.

Why I can’t download or watch? It say that I need to wait 24 hours. Why?

  • If you downloading or watching from Google Drive, it will only be 200 people’s downloading or watching the same file/movies in 24 hours period. If the limit are exceed, you need to wait until the next 24 hours.
  • This problem always happen to the latest movie or the hot movies. So if you late to watch it, make sure you come again after 24 hours. Please be patient that we are working hard to develop the new server for our brand new web player without limited quota.

I can’t play the movie. After pressing the play button, it seems nothing. No sound and no image. Why?

  • Please make sure you already installed the latest K-Lite Mega Codex. If not, please install it first and then be sure that your pc/gadjet have the latest flash player.
  • Please be sure that some movie are in High Definition. If your pc/gadjet does not support HD, please be sure to install this software: Infinite HD
  • If you already installed all the application and software above, please make sure you disable your own adblocks. Don’t know how to disable it? Watch This Video!
  • Be sure that our website have some popups and make sure that your pc/gadjet also enabled popups for our website. If not, you will not be able to play some movie here.

I hear some annoying sounds in the background. Why this happen? How to close it?

  • Please be sure that our website has popup. Sometimes the popup is music based. So please enable popup for this website and make sure that your browser does not have any popup or adblocks. If you have, please close it in order to enjoy movie here properly.

I downloaded movie but can’t play the movie, why? I can play the movie but only sound without images. Why?

How to play .001, .002, _a file?

  • Use HjSplit to join all parts then play with Window Media Player or you favourite player. Click here.

I read all the FAQ’s above. But my problem still not solved.

Dead link

  • Please post a comment if you found dead link, we will try to find a mirror for you.

Thanks for reading. Hope you will not facing any problem more… Enjoy watching movie here!

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